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Passion For The Past Antiques And Collectibles is co-owned by Joe Clement & John Hogan

From 1996 to 1998 we were permanent exhibitors at the Antiques Showcase Mall at 610 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Prior to the above business locations, we initiated our antiques business in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Our business began on August 15th. 1984 at the St. Genevieve Antique Market, Gouin Blvd., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

From September 1985 to July 1987 we were traveling show exhibitors throughout Quebec and Ontario. We resumed the show circuit from Dec. 1993 to Mar. 1999.

On July 15th. 1987 we opened our first antique store situated at 1806 Notre Dame St. West Montreal, Quebec.  Our store was called Tendres Souvenances Antiques.

We operated our shop from July 1987 to May 1992.  Afterwards our business moved to the previously mentioned Toronto locations.

While operating at our store locations, we periodically did show exhibits at Place Bonaventure, downtown Montreal, well known by many American and Canadian dealers and collectors throughout the decades.

As for Ottawa, Ontario we have exhibited at the Congress Center, the Rideau Centre and Landsdown Park.

This is just to mention only several of the many exhibits that we have undertaken throughout Quebec and Ontario over the past twenty two years.

All total we have been in the antiques business for some twenty four wonderful years.

The sheer joy of constantly educating ourselves and sharing that knowledge with our treasured clients over the years has given us an immeasurable wealth of personal satisfaction in handling all kinds of beautiful treasures to love and cherish and share with our beloved collectors. It always has been a thrill to seek, find and discuss various treasures with knowledgeable dealers and collectors over the years.

We are continuously zealous believers in educating and giving our buyers the best possible information and product so that they too, can become great collectors who can appreciate what collecting antiques is all about.

One has to have an ardent desire to always learn more and more as the years go by and then he or she will love and better appreciate their finds and quality dealers who selflessly depart their information to their potential buyers.

As for us we have published over the years several articles on antiques and collecting in realms of Historical China, Flow Blue, Blue & White Ironstone Transferware, and American & Canadian Brilliant Period Cut Glass.

As for traveling editors of various magazines throughout the show circuits, the following will be included in our site for your reading pleasure:

Article entitled: Around The Shows: Sherway: 26th Annual World of Antiques Show & Sale, Published in the magazine: Antique Showcase Dec 1997, page 21.

We constantly strive for perfection in terms of supplying the best possible accurate information available about our products.  As well, we always try to present to our clients the best variety and quality of products at competitive market prices.

Many thanks are extended to our buyers and browsers for visiting our store on line.

We most certainly wish you the very best of facility and pleasure as you tour our store.

We have tried our best to make our site, as user friendly as possible, for your shopping convenience and pleasure.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience and fervently look forward to many repeat correspondences and transactions with our clients in the future.


Joe Clement & John Hogan

Co-owners: Passion For The Past Antiques And Collectibles.

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