Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship anywhere in the World, overseas clients, please inquire for your shipping rate prior to purchase, as the cost is high for items weighing over 2 kilos once packaged.

Q: Who pays for shipping and possible Duty fees?

A: The buyer pays for the pre agreed shipping cost and possible Duty fees.

Q: What is Duty, and how can I find out if my item is taxable?

A: Duty is an Import Tax that your Country Custom Service charges and that you would have to pay, when picking up your parcel.

We know for sure that items 100 years or older that were manufactured in other countries and the USA are duty free by Customs; items manufactured in the United States that are fifty years old or older are also duty exempt.

Customs Services: as for other items, you could get in touch with the U.S. Custom's Office usually located at the nearest International airport, and ask them if duty would apply to the item in which you are interested.

Q: When can I expect to receive my parcel, once payment is made?

A: Parcels shipped by UPS to the U.S.A. should arrive at their destination within 4 to 7 banking days.

Parcels shipped Air Mail and UPS overseas should arrive at their destination within 12 banking days; and parcels shipped regular mail (by boat) will take 7 to 18 weeks to arrive.

All time frames are subject to the parcel not being delayed at the customs office.


Q: What is Dimensional Weight?

If you use the metric system, and use centimeters as measurements, you would use the same formula, except that you would divide by 6000, and the result would be in Kilos instead of Lbs.

Q: How do you estimate the rate of shipping, written in the description?

A: First the measurements and weight of the item give us a reasonably good idea of what the rate will be. We then add if the item is fragile and needs to be double boxed, and add some more if the item is oversize (39 inches or 1 meter).

Q: Why is the shipping rate high, even for items that weigh less than 2 lbs?

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