By: John Hogan

The debonair and fashion conscious woman is definitely a woman of class who deserves class!

Czechoslovakian Vintage Art Deco Cut Crystal Necklace, C. 1925-35

Czech. Art Deco Cut Crystal Necklace


Nina Ricci Omega Choker & Earrings Set


Vendome Simulated Pearl Choker

U.S.A. Vintage Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch, C. 1980-90

U.S.A. Rhinestone Hummingbird Brooch

Italian Synthetic Sapphire Vintage Swirl Brooch, C. 1930-40

Italian Synthetic Sapphire Swirl Brooch

Czechoslovakian Vintage Art Deco Cranberry Garnet Crystal Brooch, C. 1920-30

Art Deco Cranberry Garnet Crystal Brooch

The fashion conscious woman wants anywhere from the runway model wearing the best of fashion, to the best of what's in vogue jewelry, to the fabulous and eclectic music what's hip, all the way to what's in fashion in the decorating world. She desires from the sexy, avant guard, good conversation, to the climax of tasteful decorating, to the best cuisine. Toped off by an evening of fine dining, dancing and laughter will put you on the road to success. For some gentlemen this may end with a good glass of wine, to a goodnight kiss and for others a callback for a good night of romance or put you on hold. An intuitive winner will know if he has played his game well and if he has swooned his sophisticated woman into more romantic nights of fine dining and dancing.

A debonair gentleman is sure to at least win a debonair woman if he has class, poise, ethic, a general wide range of vocabulary and intelligent conversation with an overall pleasant disposition and is not too high on himself. Most people think if they are God's gift of beauty, that the beauty will take over and take care of the rest. Wrong! Women are creatures of comfort who adorn being lavished and adorned with admiration, tranquility and a zest for the best. The best man will win by his intelligence that he portrays through dinner conversation, his charisma as an individual, his tuning into her likes and dislikes subtly -of course, to the finial recourse of -will there be another date?

To ensure another good date and eventual prospects, first impressions are generally the best. Never depend on the old adage of give the guy a second chance. Usually first impressions are correct and make the impact. One can usually judge from the first encounter if we have a winner. A winner will meet all of the above criteria and much more. It will not be just the flowers as he greets you at the door on your first date. Flowers are only an initial opening to say hello and that maybe he is a gentleman. All the rest is in question onward. Once you have allured her into a second date, once you have seen her choice in jewelry, perhaps you may present her a whimsical piece of jewelry, over a glass of wine, that is not a ring or heart design or something too personal. The piece may be radiant and beautiful but not too far fetched. Something classical, chic, perhaps retro but with fashion that will accentuate her beauty and make you proud as you enter a crowded room. Believe me this will be appreciated! What lady do you know who does not like jewelry? Gentlemen, on your first date,  don't be coy and conceited! Be yourself! After all in the final process, your debonair woman is going to choose the debonair man who purports class and shows her his better inside and his capabilities as a rounded individual. Whether he is an Adonis or not, this will not be enough.

Being an Adonis is a help to get the endorphins moving but is it enough to keep the fire going! This is where the male testosterone should kick in with the intuition of what your woman really wants after a first date. Kindness, consideration, admiration and perhaps a visit to our site for a little piece of interesting jewelry for a second date. But make sure prior to choosing a piece of jewelry that you have tuned into your lady's likes and dislikes. We here at aim to have a variety of antique and vintage jewelry and try to assist our clients in the direction of choice for a particular piece of jewelry for the specific occasion. We aim to please and if consultation is necessary to choose an appropriate piece of jewelry for an appropriate occasion, we give it our best or a referral. To take a little stroll down our jewelry lane, click on this link:

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