For a touch of Italian, this vintage table lamp will easily accommodate a retro Sixties look in home decor.


This Italian vintage gold gilded chalkware table lamp has a column outlined with acanthus leaves, a Corinth crown descending into a very large interesting Cherub base mounted upon a black marble base.

COMMENT: The winning charm of this chalkware or plaster table lamp is it's large Cherub base. Each corner has a cherub.

What is Chalkware? Chalkware was a terminology that was loosely used, a misnomer, to actually describe objects that were manufactured from gypsum, an ingredient in "plaster-of-Paris". Such wares originally began in Italy and Europe as early as 1850 and continued with great gusto until 1890. In the United States such wares were being produced by Italian immigrants in Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Originally referred to as "the poor-man's porcelain" because it was copied from molds of expensive Staffordshire pottery and porcelain figures which originally only the wealthy could afford. The chalkware was molded and painted and was affordable for the masses. The demand in America for ornamental wares produced a viable market for these chalk-wares. Initially during the turn of the century, circa 1900, up to the late 1930s, such wares were sold cheaply and given out as prizes at carnivals which gave way for the terminology "carnival chalkware." Some of these wares were so attractive that it gave way to being housed in some of the more affluent homes of the time as time went by. Consequently some of the older and larger pieces from the 1850s period are seeing prices into the thousands (2,000.00-3,000.00) price range. Of course this is only for the super rare and well executed pieces. Time is always relevant in terms of objects of yesteryear and today's prices. If we look at Reglor chalkware lamps from the 1950-1960, we will be astounded at the prices in today's market. Some Reglor pieces are into the high hundreds and even into the thousands of dollars.

Today many people like the retro, fun and funky look that many of these chalkware pieces offer in home decor. So today chalkware figurines and lamps are again enjoying a revival and live again as conversation pieces in home and office decor.


CIRCA: 1960-1970

Lamp Height:

  • 28.50" (without shade, from base of lamp to top of light socket)
  • 35.75" (with shade, including harp)

Lamp Base Diameter:

  • 7.50" by 7.50" (square)


  • All Table Lamps are sold for the value of their bases and not for the value of their shades.
  • If shades come with lamps, they are included as complimentary at no extra charge.
  • With or without the shades, the lamps are the same price.
  • Should a client wish not to take the complimentary shade, lamp prices will NOT be adjusted.
  • Pairs of lamps are sold only as a pair and are not sold as singles!

Preferably clients are requested to visit our store location for inspection and pick-up of lamps and other lighting.

CONDITION: There are some minor chips or flakes to the chalkware base. Some chipping on chalkware is to be expected and acceptable for pieces of this vintage. Most pieces of chalkware found will have some minor chipping or flaking of the paint.


SALE PRICE: $60.00

Special Note:

Furniture and Lighting items can only be purchased at our store located at 1646 Queen St West Toronto, Ontario.

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