Transferring to Flow Blue Part II

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What is ''Flow Blue"? "Flow Blue" is a specific type of transfer printing which can be found most commonly on the three basic mediums of pottery namely Pearlware, Ironstone and Semi Porcelain; and sometimes on a Bone China and Porcelain medium. It started in England about 1825 and continued until 1920. The factories in the United States began "Flow Blue" production at a later date, about 1840-1850 in order to cut cost for the importers and consumers.

In terms of recognizing "Flow Blue" visually... normally high quality "Flow Blue" is very dark, inky and intense.The pattern appears runny and cloudy and somewhat electric to the eye.

Condition, like in all areas of collecting, is vital. Due to scarcity of certain pieces and patterns, you may not be
able to find a piece in mint condition. Buying a piece that is minimally restored or not in perfect condition can still have good value and should not discourage one from adding it to his or her collection.

pieces that have poor and extensive restoration. Other than the rarities as mentioned herein, there are many beautiful and top quality pieces that warrant collecting. Such pieces that can be purchased at more affordable prices are: creamers, cups & saucers, small plates, small platters and small jugs.

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  • Current Phone No. of this business: 416-535-3883
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