Price: $75.00

European Art Nouveau Antique Bronze Lady Pipe Rest 5 1/2" High, Circa 1890-1900

Price: $45.00

Art Nouveau Austrian Secession Movement or Arts And Crafts Movement Antique Brass Jardinièrer or Planter with a handle on each side 4 1/2'' High by 7'' Diameter (Handle-To-Handle) Circa 1880

Price: $50.00

Buffalo Mfg. Co. Buffalo NY. Brass Tea Kettle 8 5/8" High by 8 1/2" Diameter, Circa 1900

Price: $1,250.00

George Sparrow & Co., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canadianna Dove Tailed Antique Copper Candy Maker-Warming Bowl, 18 1/2" Diameter by 9" Depth/Height, Circa 1900

Price: $225.00

Kunang Hsu Period Pair of Chinese Hand Chased Antique Brass Candlesticks 8'' High X 4 3/16'' Base Diameter, Circa 1875-1908

Price: $125.00

Holland Dutch Rose Copper Coal Scuttle With Wooden Handles 14" Diameter by 15" Height, Circa 1940

Price: $90.00

Pair of Canadian Florentine Ware Decorative Vintage Chrome Pheasants, 11 1/2" Length by 5 1/2" Height, Circa 1950

Price: $675.00

Pair of French Art Nouveau Antique Spelter Figurines Man And Woman 14 High, Circa 1880

Price: $375.00

English Late Georgian-Mid Victorian Antique Brass Pedestal Jardinière With Woven Basket Design And Lion Head Drop Rings, 10" High by 10" Diameter, Circa 1850-1860.

Price: $40.00

Holland Pair of Dutch Vintage Rose Copper Candlesticks 10 1/2" High, Circa 1920

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