Canadian Antique Copper Candy-Maker George Sparrow

George Sparrow & Co., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Canadianna Dove Tailed Antique Copper Candy Maker-Warming Bowl, 18 1/2" Diameter by 9" Depth/Height, Circa 1900

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COMMENT: This Candy-Maker Warming Bowl Is Indeed A Great Piece of Canadianna And Is Of Museum Quality That Is Most Worthy Of A Private Or Museum Collection!

RESEARCH NOTE: Research on this particular coppersmith was basically nil. There was no on-line research anywhere to be found. However, there is no question as to origin and manufacturer of this piece.

If any of our viewers or buyers have any extra information regarding this Canadian coppersmith, please email us and we would be very appreciative.

If the information is substantiated we will publish it.

UPDATE HISTORY of GEO. SPARROW I have attached a link from the Ontario Gazetteer and Business Directory from 1892-93. The advertisement across the bottom will provide some information about Geo. Sparrow & Co. These early Canadian Business Directories are available and searchable on line: http://www.collectionscanada.<wbr></wbr><wbr></wbr>canadiandirectories/001075-<wbr></wbr>100.01-e.php

Thank you Mr. John Slater for the update.

The Advertisement reads: GEO. SPARROW & CO. Manufacturer and Importer of all kinds of goods for Restaurant, Hotel and Institution Kitchens, Ranges, Laundry Machines, Ringers, Mangles, etc. Apple Machinery and Evaporators' Supplies, etc. Confectioners' and Bakers' Supplies. SEND FOR CATALOGUE. 83 Cloborne Street, Toronto, Ontario.

George Sparrow at the time, circa 1892-93, was located at 83 Cloborne Street, Toronto, Ontario.

CONDITION: It is in fine condition considering its age and usage. It has all the hallmarks of a great hand made antique piece that has nice patina and denting that such a piece should have to certify its antiquity. A piece such as this is for sure to have denting which attests to its constant usage and function.


Some denting of antique metals generally attest to the authenticity of the antiquity of metals and is considered acceptable by collector and dealer standards. This is not to say that all metals that have dents are antique. Other than denting, there are other things to look for such as how it is assembled or joined or welded. Look for quality impressed maker's marks or other factory marks such as year dates and numbers which accompany some antique metals. Oxidization is also acceptable and is considered as "patina" by the purists.

PRICE: $1,250.00


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