Victorian Antique Brass Oil Lamp Wall Bracket [SOLD]

Victorian Art Nouveau Antique Brass Oil Lamp Wall Bracket, Circa 1880s. There are no manufacturers marks. It is either of American or English origin.

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This Wonderful Victorian Art Nouveau Antique Oil Lamp Wall Bracket Is A Real Treasure! It has a Majestic Presence that guards the guiding light of the household. It has been exquisitely executed on a solid brass base metal. The theme for the design, more than likely, has been taken from Grecian Mythology. The Back Plate measures  10 3/4" Length by 5 1/2" Diameter; the Bowl measures 9 1/4" Diameter.

COMMENT: This Is An Ideal Decorator Piece To Catch A Glimpse Into The Sentiment Of The Past! This  Piece Could Certainly Add A Romantic Charm To Any Country Cottage, Especially During The Winter Season!

A LITTLE TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE  One can just imagine the ambiance of the Victorian Era! Just imagine no electricity! Well, this is how people lit their households, by kerosene oil lamps resting in these wall brackets. 

The glow, warmth and atmosphere generated by such lighting techniques most certainly added to that family charm, closeness and warmth whether it was in the living room or large kitchen, when neighbors, friends and relatives gathered for conversation, fun and laughter as the coal stoves heat their houses and fireplaces were aglow with crackling birch logs. 

The aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven, the smell of birch billets burning in the fireplace, sleigh bells ringing and horses prancing in the snow outside- all of which lent an air of Victorian sentiment as each room was aglow with such wonderful lighting as the nights turned into days and days into years and eventually to our current times of electrical lighting. 

Such an atmosphere of charm and tranquility is but a memory to some of us now and unfortunately no memory for the young of today. So if you buy this piece you can try to live some of the romance and fantasy of cherished Victorian Times. Take a trip into the past! 

CONDITION: It is in great condition considering its age. There is slight oxidization on interior of pot where the oil lamp would sit and at some high points of the scroll work. Patina is generally how this condition is referred to by collectors and dealers. If this is bothersome it can be cleaned and buffed/polished. I would not really recommend this because it will remove the beautiful old patina.

GENERAL CONDITION OF ANTIQUE METALS: Some denting of antique metals generally attest to the authenticity of the antiquity of metals and is considered acceptable by collector and dealer standards. This is not to say that all metals that have dents are antique. Other than denting, there are other things to look for such as how it is assembled or joined or welded. Look for quality impressed maker's marks or other factory marks such as year dates and numbers which accompany some antique metals. Most antique hollow-ware metal pieces, such as jardinieres or planters, large bowls, tea kettles, etc will almost always have bottom interior oxidation. Oxidization both on the interior and exterior of a piece is also acceptable and is considered as "patina" by purists.

PRICE: $200.00


To purchase this item, please make note of the Item Number: PFTP000626 and contact us using our order form or call us at 1-416-535-3883.

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