Sherman Vintage Rhinestone Wreath Brooch Green & Blue

Signed Sherman Canadian Vintage Rhinestone Wreath Brooch With Green And Blue Crystals 1 1/2" Diameter, Circa 1950

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COMMENT: Sherman's Jewels Are Definitely "Jewels of Distinction"! Ideal For The Debonair Lady Who Wishes To Own Nothing But The Best!


Today we are realizing more than ever the Wonderful Artistry of these great jewelry designers of the past. Consequently we are finally giving them the utmost respect which they always rightfully deserved. Unfortunately like many artists, we only realize their real merit and value when they have deceased which is sad to say or realize.

CONDITION: This Sherman wreath brooch is in great condition.

It is normal for such vintage jewelry to show some minor surface wear to the metal backing. In the trade such condition is known as "patina." Afterall, this is not "new" jewelry and it has been worn on many occasions over the years. A certain amount of wear is acceptable and should be expected.

PRICE: $125.00


To purchase this item, please make note of the Item Number: PFTP000401 and contact us using our order form or call us at 1-416-535-3883.

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