Benedict Vintage Silverplate Wine Jug And Bowl Set

Benedict Plate Canadian Vintage Silverplate Wine Jug & Ewer Set Garland Design, Circa 1940<br />

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COMMENT: Indeed A Very Ornate Wine Jug & Bowl Set! This Gorgeous Tall Jug and Large Bowl or Basin Can Be Multi-functional. It can be used to serve red wine and grapes at a festive occasion or it may be used in a little country cottage setting as a wash jug and bowl set.

Yet on the other hand, it may be used simply as decoration for a dry floral arrangement. Whatever the occasion, it definitely has great decorative features and can easily receive compliments by ones friends.

It can add that special touch of Victoriana to any room for the warmth of Victorian Times. Although manufactured in the late 1930-1940 period, it indeed has a very Art Nouveau feel and can add charm to any room graced by its presence. Because of its uniqueness, it can make a special gift for that special friend.

PHOTOGRAPHY COMMENT: Please pardon the quality of photo. A better quality photo will be uploaded at a later date or upon request.

CONDITION: This bowl & Jug Silverplate Set is in fine condition. This set is electroplated on a brass base metal and does not shine as brilliantly as silverplate on a copper base. However, if one wants a higher sparkle, he or she may have it re-silvered. It is definitely an eye stopper! Great decorator piece!


Some minor conditional problems that are a common occurrence or commonplace with "antique and vintage" silverplate pieces which are considered acceptable and by general standards considered as "patina" are minor or light surface scratching and slight wear or minor bleeding of the base metal which is generally copper, brass or Britannica metal.

  • Teapots, Coffee pots and Jugs generally show some interior discoloration and pitting due to the chemical interaction of the tea, coffee or other beverages with the various base metals if left sitting for long time periods and not properly cleaned after each usage. Teapots almost always have discoloration on the "interior" bottom.
  • Trays normally have light surface scratching and bleeding of the base metal. Antique and Vintage Trays almost always show surface wear on the reverse side (back side).
  • Flatware, for example forks, knives, spoons, etc., because of their usage, will on many occasions exhibit some light surface scratching.
  • Candlesticks, at the insert top section, sometimes will exhibit slight discoloration where the candle burns too low; also sometimes on the underneath side of the base, wear will show.

"Antique and Vintage Silverplate" are not "new" items and therefore will almost always exhibit slight wear (bleeding) and light surface scratching. Normally if there is any relief work, that is embossing or floral, many times it will show slight bleeding of the base metal.

Many Victorian Art Nouveau and Edwardian pieces of silverplate will almost always show bleeding and sometimes need re-silvering. Re-silvering is frowned upon and is not always recommended by purists, especially when it comes to Georgian and Early Victorian silverplate. Re-silvering of really early pieces, Georgian to Mid-Victorian, can devalue pieces. Generally speaking, "re-silvering" is a personal matter of choice.

PRICE: $175.00


To purchase this item, please make note of the Item Number: PFTP000657 and contact us using our order form or call us at 1-416-535-3883.

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