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The Center Of The Plate Has An Exquisite Hand Painted Portrait of A Neoclassical Lady. In her right hand, she holds an artist mallet, in the other hand, a chisel. A laurel wreath crowns the top of her head. The border consists of an exterior and interior thin crimson band which has a large central band of hand painted (eight) rose sprigs. Eight stylized encrusted gold beaded onions alternate between each of the eight panels of petite multicolor rose sprigs. The encrusted gold beaded bands on the circumference of the border make this portrait plate a spectacular feast for ones eyes.

The cartouche (back stamp) is a two headed eagle within a shield and SCHWARZBURG printed in green at the bottom of the shield. The factory was co owned by Lewis & Sons of New York U.S.A. They were sole importers for this factory into the United States.

COMMENT: This Is Definitely A Crowning Jewel To Be Added To Any Top Quality Porcelain Collection! For The Zenith Of Portrait Hand Painting On European Porcelain, This Is A Superior Example Which Romanticizes The Female Form To The Apex Of Her Innocence & Beauty.  

CONDITION:  Excellent! All encrusted gold and beading are in tact.


A key position in the Thuringian porcelain industry had undisputed the early factory of Volkstedt. Three persons were responsible for the foundation of the first porcelain factory in Thuringia: Georg Heinrich Macheleid (1723-1801), the prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Johann Friedrich von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1721-1767) and August Friedrich North (1733-1798).

In 1861 Karl Ens sen. from Lauscha and Triebner from Weimar owned the Volkstedt factory. They led the company under the name Triebner, Ens & Co. More and more of their products were highly regarded. One of the reasons was the cooperation with the two young porcelain model makers Eduard Ens and his brother Karl Ens jun. 1899 Karl Ens jun. left the company together with his sons and founded a new firm: Porzellanfabrik Karl Ens. The oldest Volkstedt porcelain factory was now the Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanfabrik until it merged in1937 with the porcelain factory in Unterweissbach to the Aelteste Volkstedter Porzellanfabrik AG.

Still located in Thuringia Germany, the porcelain was originally called Volkstedt-Rudolstadt, and was founded by Georg Heinrick Macheleid about 1720 under the patronage of Johann Friedrich von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. It was one of 9 principle pottery factories in the area during the last half of the 18th Century.

Hand Crafted porcelains from this area are often referred to as Thuringian Porcelain. It was then leased to Christian Nonne during its best period between 1767 and 1797, after which it was sold to Prince Ernst Constantin von Hessen-Philppsthal who later sold it to the Greiners in the early 1800s. A series of partnerships followed until 1854, when Ernst Bohne & Sons purchased the porcelain company and made decorative porcelain pieces (with many similar to the R. S. Prussia line) until 1920. During their ownership they became co-owners with Lewis Straus & Sons out of New York (thus the New York & Rudolstadt Porcelain Company) between 1882 and 1918. The Lewis Straus & Sons firm had multiple interests across Europe and the United States during this period and served as importers for the US market. They also received the right to use the Royal Rudolstadt designation, changing their crown and shield hallmark to include Royal in 1905. After 1920 the factory became a branch of Heubach Brothers and was nationalized in 1960.

Additional References: Directory of European Porcelain by Danckert, Marks on German, Bohemian, and Austrian Porcelain by Rontgen, German and Austrian Porcelain by George W. Ware.

PRICE: $1,200.00


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