Pairpoint American Antique Silverplate Creamer

Pairpoint Corporation, New Bedford, Massachusetts American Antique Silverplate Creamer Melon Pattern With Gold Lemay or Vermeil Interior, Circa 1910

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This Antique Silverplate Creamer was manufactured by the Pairpoint Corporation, New Bedford, Mass., U.S.A.  It measures 3 1/4'' High by 4 1/4" handle to spout. The pattern is "Melon." It has a gold lemay or vermeil interior and dates circa 1910.

COMMENT: This Adorable Little Creamer or Jug is A Token of The Quality Work That Was Produced By The Pairpoint Corporation. Makes a classy and very affordable gift for gift giving on any occasion!


Pairpoint started many years ago in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1866. Later in 1870 the property was purchased by William L Libbey of Boston. He now joined his Mount Washington Glass Works with Pairpoint. In 1894, Pairpoint bought out Mt. Washington and in 1900 they merged and became known as the Pairpoint Corporation. At this point they were just as well known as Gorham in the United States and were just as big. Their branches were proliferating New York, San Francisco and Montreal. This was success! Unfortunately, as with many other great factories, they too fell prone to the Great Depression and rumblings of WW II in the near distance and had to close their doors in 1937.

Pairpoint was well known for its silver and lamps. Today as in the past, Pairpoint is and always will be held in high esteem world wide.

CONDITION: This sweet little Pairpoint creamer or jug is in very fine condition.


Some minor conditional problems that are a common occurrence or commonplace with "antique and vintage" silverplate pieces which are considered acceptable and by general standards considered as "patina" are minor or light surface scratching and slight wear or minor bleeding of the base metal which is generally copper, brass or Britannica metal.

  • Teapots, Coffee pots and Jugs generally show some interior discoloration and pitting due to the chemical interaction of the tea, coffee or other beverages with the various base metals if left sitting for long time periods and not properly cleaned after each usage. Teapots almost always have discoloration on the "interior" bottom.
  • Trays normally have light surface scratching and bleeding of the base metal. Antique and Vintage Trays almost always show surface wear on the reverse side (back side).
  • Flatware, for example forks, knives, spoons, etc., because of their usage, will on many occasions exhibit some light surface scratching.
  • Candlesticks, at the insert top section, sometimes will exhibit slight discoloration where the candle burns too low; also sometimes on the underneath side of the base, wear will show.

"Antique and Vintage Silverplate" are not "new" items and therefore will almost always exhibit slight wear (bleeding) and light surface scratching. Normally if there is any relief work, that is embossing or floral, many times it will show slight bleeding of the base metal.

Many Victorian Art Nouveau and Edwardian pieces of silverplate will almost always show bleeding and sometimes need re-silvering. Re-silvering is frowned upon and is not always recommended by purists, especially when it comes to Georgian and Early Victorian silverplate. Re-silvering of really early pieces, Georgian to Mid-Victorian, can devalue pieces. Generally speaking, "re-silvering" is a personal matter of choice.

PRICE: $125.00


To purchase this item, please make note of the Item Number: PFTP000792 and contact us using our order form or call us at 1-416-535-3883.

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