Price: $125.00

A Bros. Canadian Three Piece Vintage Silverplate Nickel Silver Tea Service, Circa 1930

Price: $95.00

Benedict Proctor Mfg. Trenton Ontario Canadian Antique Silverplate Biscuit Barrel, Circa 1910

Price: $175.00

Benedict Plate Canadian Vintage Silverplate Wine Jug & Ewer Set Garland Design, Circa 1940<br />

Price: $225.00

Birin Plate Pair of English Antique Silverplate Candlesticks Grape or Vintage Design 4 1/4" Square X 5 1/2'' High, Circa 1910

Price: $255.00

Birks Canada Hand Chased Vintage Silverplate Large Water Jug 8 1/4" High, Circa 1940

Price: $225.00

Birks Regency Plate England Antique Silverplate Footed Round Tray 13 3/4'' Diameter, Circa 1900-1910

Price: $225.00

Birks Regency Plate England Vintage Silverplate Round Tray 14'' Diameter, Circa 1930

Price: $175.00

Britannia Silver Plate, U.S.A., Pair of Antique Silverplate Candlesticks Greek Column Design, 4" High x 3 1/2" Square (Base), Circa 1910

Price: $175.00

Canadian Antique Silverplate Candelabra, (3 Candle holder) 8" High x 12 1/2" Wide, Circa 1910

Price: $85.00

Canadian Vintage Silverplate Nickel Silver Mayonnaise Dish With Cobalt Blue Glass Liner, Circa 1960

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